I am interested in physical space, the distance or closeness between people, and emotional space, the intimate connection between people. These boundaries can be changed physically by stepping towards or away from someone, bumping or embracing them. This space can also be changed without any physical movement. A single word or sentence can draw someone closer emotionally or create an invisible distance. This emotional separation is felt but not seen.

Using steel wire structures to create three-dimensional drawings of space, my current body of work gives form to this invisible arena of interaction, communication and possible discomfort. I use handmade abaca paper as a skin covering the wire because of its fragility, tension and weight. When worn the forms project off the body causing a physical barrier and awkward interaction between the wearer and viewer. The physical distance is contrasted with colorful crocheted sections and moving elements that are amusing, intriguing and invite the viewer closer to the piece. I am interested in the tension that arises between the hard steel, the fragile paper and the playful moveable elements. The scale of the work and placement on the body is meant to create distance while the colorful crochet forms and whimsical movement are meant to invite closeness creating another layer of tension similar to the unseen space within human interaction.